To Attend or Not to Attend, That is the Question


As we ready ourselves for the first in our 2016 SpeakSooner community education series I ask myself how does one decide whether or not to attend a play, movie, or, in this instance, a community program. Is it the subject matter, panel of experts, a friend’s invite, a colleague’s suggestion or the reviews?

In my recent blog “Small Town-Not So Small Talk” I refer to my conversation with a friend who did not attend our SpeakSooner 2015 community program last November. For him it was the subject matter—dealing with serious illness—but it didn’t stop 120 people from showing up. And, the discussion moved many to comment.

“Truly inspired by the presentation…I have read the[Difficult Conversations] Workbook. Thank you for your effort in organizing and bringing a vital piece of healthcare to ‘life’.”

“We just needed another hour for discussion! Hence, the need for more presentations is clear!”

“You offered the medical community and those who will be requiring medical services now and/or in the future a priceless gift.”

As a nurse I still did not ask many questions–like what stage cancer I had. These workbooks will be so helpful.”

“What a fantastic, knowledgeable, personable and honest program. Thank you for knowing what people need and making sure they can get it.

Our upcoming SpeakSooner community program on April 26 is titled “Finding Your Path Through Illness & Getting The Help You Need.” The panel will explore physical, emotional and spiritual needs and concerns when facing serious illness and identify the resources in our region to help support patients and loved ones on this path. Suggestions for communicating needs to healthcare providers will be presented.

None of us like to think about illness. Yet, we know we will all be patients someday and how we communicate can influence the care we receive. Reading this I imagine you are hovering over the link for reservations RSVP asking yourself do I attend or not. How do you decide?