Spreading the word about SpeakSooner

The Center for Communication in Medicine’s SpeakSooner initiative continues to build momentum through their community education programs. These programs prepare patients and their loved ones to open timely conversations with caregivers and medical professionals.

In May Dr. Bernard Bandman and Celia Engel Bandman appeared on WCAX TV in Burlington VT to discuss “Tips for Talking with your Doctor During Tough Times”.

In July Dr. Bandman appeared on the Bob Salter Radio Show on WFAN in New York to share information on SpeakSooner’s programs and how the Difficult Conversation Toolkit can support patients and their healthcare providers bridge the communication gap when facing serious illness.

And in August, the Center for Communication in Medicine offered the second in their 2016 SpeakSooner Community Education Series “Being a Caregiver and Caring for Oneself: A Balancing Act” at the Manchester Community Library where over 50 people joined in the conversation about the challenges and opportunities of being a caregiver while caring for oneself.