I’d been thinking about the topic of my next blog when I found myself catapulted back in time to 2008 and an article written by Dr. John Launer in the Postgraduate Medical Journal, which referenced my work as a medical humanist. It was titled, Learning Humanity.

A decade has since passed. I re-read the article and decided to write Dr. Launer to ask his permission to share it on my blog.  As I pressed send, I heard my sister Tamara’s words echo in my mind’s ear: “Try not to expect anything—for in that way you are open to everything.”

I awoke in the morning to Dr. Launer’s e-mail: “It’s lovely to hear from you. I have been following and admiring your work over the years, including your blogs, and I wondered if our paths would cross. Of course you can use my blog.  It is also good to be reminded of my piece on learning humanity and it was moving to discover how it affected you. It would be lovely if opportunities arose for meeting either in New England or Old England.
Until then,

I replied: “Dear John, Ah…I just got on to my computer today to find I have permission to share your blog, Learning Humanity. I must confess, I wondered over the years if our paths should ever cross or would you remember me. Your response gave me that and so much more!
With gratitude,

Here’s the link to the article.

I look forward to hearing what readers think about Dr. Launer’s perspective.


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  1. Rachel Hadas


    Wonderful confluence here. I am passing this article on to the friends you met last month up here in the Northeast Kingdom, though I believe they are all on your mailing list already?

    I love what Launer says about unspoken & unchallenged (and diametrically opposite) assumptions humanists and doctors have about one another’s fields. Thank you for being a bridge.

    AS ever, Rachel

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