The Center for Communication to offer free online workshop

The Center for Communication in Medicine (CCM) will host a free online workshop, “Working with the Guide 101”, on June 22 from 6 – 7:30 pm. CCM founder Dr. Bernard Bandman, co-author of SpeakSooner®: A Patient’s Guide to Difficult Conversations (Guide), and primary care physician Dr. Michael Welther will lead the workshop.

The Guide was developed to help patients facing serious illness and their loved ones identify and communicate questions and concerns to healthcare providers, leading to a better understanding of treatment goals and increased satisfaction with care. As Dr. Allan Eisemann, medical director of Rutland Regional Cancer Center, notes, “Physicians, nurses and social workers are more fully engaged by listening to and reading patient comments. The Guide opens doors to better communication.”

The workshop offers an opportunity to work directly with Guide chapters. Participants will view videos of patient’s recounting their own experiences, engage in writing exercises followed by interactive discussions and receive coaching from Drs. Bandman and Welther.

Space is limited. For more information and to register call 802-442-5800 or sign up online here.