The Center for Communication in Medicine Offers Online Programs

The Center for Communication in Medicine’s (CCM) SpeakSooner Community Education Programs are going strong this spring with trainings scheduled for staff members at Battenkill Valley Health Center in Arlington, VT and Adirondack Health in Saranac Lake, NY. SpeakSooner’s online trainings offer healthcare professionals an opportunity to learn about the use of CCM’s signature tool, SpeakSooner®: A Patient’s Guide to Difficult Conversations, which is designed to help patients and loved ones identify questions and concerns to open channels of communication with their healthcare team. Dr. Linda Emanuel, Director, Buehler Center for Health, Aging and Society at Northwestern Feingold School of Medicine, states, “Every patient should have this guide; every social worker, nurse, doctor and chaplain should offer it to a patient and family to say: I’m here; we can talk.”


The next SpeakSooner online webinar, “Coping with COVID-19: The Lived Experience of Patients, Loved Ones and Healthcare Providers”, is scheduled for May 11 at 6pm. Free and open to the public.