Recording now available


A recording of the Center for Communication in Medicine’s latest SpeakSooner community education program, “Empathy As A Bridge To Improve Healthcare Communication: A Two-Way Street”, is ready to view at  As one attendee remarked, “This was your best program ever!”


Our panel of experts – Brian Cunningham, MD (ret.); Carol Comar Frost, NP; Laura Moore, cancer survivor and Lisa M. Pezzulich, PsyD – offered valuable insights and advice on addressing communication challenges facing both patients and healthcare providers, emphasizing how empathy can be a key component to improving satisfaction with care.


Video interviews with specialists in the field – Sara Ames, Oncology NP, Adirondack Health; Jonathan LaPook, MD, Chief Medical Correspondent, CBS News and Founder, The Empathy Project at  NYU Langone Health; Elaine Meyer, PhD, Psychologist, Boston Childrens Hospital and faculty, Harvard Center for Bioethics; Laura Moore, cancer survivor; Joseph O’Donnell, MD, Emeritus Professor of Medicine (Oncology) & Dean, Dartmouth Medical School (ret.); and Ellen Ozier, MSW, Palliative Care Clinical Social Worker, University of North Carolina Medical Center at Chapel Hill – set the stage for a lively panel discussion followed by Q&A with audience members and online chat.