Free SpeakSooner Community Education Webinar

Talk to anyone working in the healthcare industry today and you’ll hear the same thing, “it’s a mess”. Yet quality healthcare is vital to our well-being. So, what can we do about it? With so many dedicated professionals and patients in need of solutions, there has to be a way to improve the delivery of medical care.


The Center for Communication in Medicine will host a free webinar, Fixing the Healthcare System: What Can Doctors and Patients Do About It? on Tuesday, May 21 at 6pm. You can register online at


We’ve assembled a panel of experts: Shika Kalevor, MBE, BSN, RN, Staff Clinical Ethicist, Associate Editor, Journal of Pediatric Ethics at Children’s Minnesota; Bruce Nash, MD, MBE, President, Catamount Advisors and former Senior VP of Health and Medical Management for BCBS of MA; Rumana Tokaria, MD, internal medicine resident, Berkshire Health: Jason Touhey, DO, Berkshire Health hospitalist and Director of Informatics; and patient, Otha Day who will speak to his own and his parents’ experience as patients. They will lead the discussion on what needs fixing and possible pathways to improve healthcare delivery. The program will also address barriers in navigating medical terrain when issues arise with racial, ethnic and socio-economic disparities, which can lead to distrust of the healthcare system. Online chat with audience members will be available throughout.


You can register for this free program online at .