About The Center for Communication in Medicine

“Mission is the intersection of your passion and the world’s need”

SpeakSooner.org is an initiative of the nonprofit Center for Communication in Medicine (CCM). Founded in Bennington, Vermont in 2006, CCM’s mission is to educate patients, families and healthcare professionals about the key role of communication in improving healthcare delivery. SpeakSooner.org and the Difficult Conversations Workbook have been developed to empower patients to assert their role in the healthcare dialogue and become active partners in planning their own care.

About Us

While CCM has collaborated with and implemented pilot programs at various hospitals and academic medical institutions, we are not affiliated with any hospital, healthcare insurer, pharmaceutical company or other for-profit healthcare entity. CCM’s mission was inspired by its founders’ personal and professional experiences living with and caring for others facing a serious and life-altering illness.

Learn more about CCM’s work, as well as its history and founders.

CCM’s Board of Directors

Our Work

CCM produces videos, workbooks and study guides that can be used by individual patients and their loved ones as well as for training healthcare professionals and facilitating community education programs. All proceeds from the sale of these products support our work to improve communication in medicine. You can purchase or learn more about CCM’s products here.

CCM’s principals have worked in partnership with various hospitals and with the faculty of some of the top medical and nursing schools in the nation. We are available for consultation, workshops and speaking engagements that focus on understanding barriers and promoting solutions to effective communication in the field of healthcare. Learn more here about inviting us to speak or present at your institution or event.