Board of Directors


John Yost, Director of Commissioning Services
MH Professional Engineering
Clifton Park, New York

Vicki Corey Dejnozka
Arlington, VT

Sheela Harden
President & CEO, Bennington Potters
Bennington, Vermont

Michael A. Keane
North Bennington, VT

Michael J. Welther, MD
Arlington, VT

Constance “Consie” West
Manchester, VT

Ex Officio
Bernard M. Bandman, Ph.D.
Bennington, Vermont

In Memorium
Patricia A. Barr

Gary David Goldberg



The Difficult Conversations Workbook was refined through extensive feedback from a panel of healthcare professionals. We would like to acknowledge the invaluable guidance and support of those individuals:

Stephan Balan, MD
Exeter Hospital
Exeter, NH

Susan Bauer-Wu, PhD, RN
University of Virginia School of Nursing
Charlottesville, VA

Suzanne Berlin, DO
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Boston, MA

Zail Berry, MD, MPH
Palliative Care Consultant
Burlington, VT

Linda Emanuel MD, PhD
Director, Buehler Center for Aging, Health and Society
Northwestern University/Feinberg School of Medicine
Chicago, IL

Michael J. Fisch, MD MPH
University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX

Luann Graves, BS, MT, CCRP
VA Medical Center
White River Junction, VT

Matt Loscalzo, MSW
City of Hope
Executive Director, Supportive Care Medicine
Duarte, CA

Joseph O’Donnell, MD
Dartmouth Medical School
Hanover, NH

Carol Mahon Salazar, M.D.
VA Clinic /Vermont Veterans’ Home
Bennington, Vermont

Lidia Schapira, MD
Stanford University Medical Center
Stanford, CA

Alexi Wright, MD, MPH
Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA