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“[CCM is] truly devoted to furthering understanding and promoting clear communication and good relations between the patient and medical staff.”
Lidia Schapira, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

The Center for Communication in Medicine has garnered praise from physicians, nurses, hospital administrators and advocacy organizations for our innovative programs, compelling educational materials and commitment to strengthening healthcare partnerships.


The video series Voices From The Lived World of Illness™ was conceived as an exploration of the impact of chronic and life-threatening illness on patients, families, friends and medical practitioners. The newest video in the series, Difficult Conversations, follows five patients living with incurable cancer and the challenges they face in coping with a serious prognosis while trying to understand risks and benefits of treatment options and quality of life issues. Particular emphasis is on the complexities of communication between patients and their healthcare team. This and other CCM videos can be useful tools for in-service training.

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The language of medicine is not the same as the language of the patient’s experience of illness. Often this disconnect means that communication with patients living with a serious prognosis is impeded at the very juncture when understanding the risks and benefits of treatment options is most critical. Through video presentations and guided interactive discussions, our workshops help healthcare professionals identify communication barriers and reflect on their role in facilitating effective discussions, helping to make conversations more meaningful for their patients and themselves.

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CCM’s Difficult Conversations Workbook is now available for licensing to healthcare institutions seeking to strengthen relationships between patients and their healthcare teams. Studies show that effective communication can result in increased patient satisfaction.

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