Workbook Licensing

 “Every patient care room should have [this workbook]; every social worker,
nurse, doctor and chaplain should offer [it] as part of saying to a patient
and family: ‘I’m here; we can talk; I’ll listen.'”
Linda Emanuel, MD, PhD
Director, Buehler Center for Aging, Health and Society
Northwestern University/Feinberg School of Medicine

The Difficult Conversations Workbook was created with patients’ needs in mind. This means it can be a valuable tool for healthcare providers and institutions interested in strengthening relationships with the patients in their care.

Better communication between patients and the healthcare professionals caring for them has been shown to improve patient satisfaction as well as reduce stress on physicians and nurses by enabling them to share the burden in exploring the risks and benefits of treatment choices.

To find out more about licensing the Difficult Conversations Workbook, please contact us.