“With tools like [CCM’s] we can get on the same page as our patients, but even better,
march together into the frightening future, more aligned with each other
and able to support the chaotic journeys that having cancer brings.”

Joseph F. O’Donnell, MD
White River Junction VA Medical Center
Senior Advising Dean, Dartmouth Medical School

CCM’s award-winning workshops are based upon our experience addressing the complexities of communication in healthcare delivery. The workbooks, videos and study guides we have produced are designed to explore what patients, families and medical practitioners identify as critical themes in living with and adjusting to chronic and life-threatening illness. Physicians, nurses and psychosocial care providers face a difficult task in reconciling patients to illness and, in some instances, their impending death.The greatest challenge is to craft a relationship that allows for effective communication during times of stress and uncertainty. Patients hear but do not often comprehend what doctors say about diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.  The clinical vocabulary of the medical profession and the language patients use to describe their own experience can be very different from each other—and these language differences can impede communication when it is most critical.  Through a series of didactic and interactive discussions led by experienced faculty, participants reflect on their own communication practices.  Particular attention is directed towards bridging gaps between “scientific” language and “humanistic” language so that clearer communication and informed decision-making can take place.

Note: The workshops provide intensive training opportunities with experienced faculty. The education and training materials can also be purchased directly from CCM. For more information about presentations or workshops please email