Difficult Conversations Workbook


Approaching the treatment and management of a serious illness is a process that must begin and end with patients. Yet conversations with physicians and nurses can be confusing and feel overwhelming. The Difficult Conversations Workbook helps patients understand and communicate their own questions, concerns and priorities so they can become more effective partners in their own care.

Family and Friends

When someone you care about is facing a difficult diagnosis it can sometimes be hard to know how to speak openly about what is important to them, what kind of support they need and what their preferences are regarding medical care. The Difficult Conversations Workbook is designed to offer insight into a patient’s priorities and concerns so that conversations with loved ones about treatment options and supportive care needs can begin to take place sooner.

Healthcare Professionals

From physicians and nurses to psychosocial care providers and members of the clergy, initiating frank discussions clarifying  needs, preferences and goals is challenging but essential to patient-centered care. The Difficult Conversations Workbook empowers patients to communicate more openly with professional caregivers, making it possible for those involved in the decision making process to serve as better-informed advisors.