Difficult Conversations Workbook

Chapter 9: “What I Hope For…”

Patients’ hopes vary from individual to individual and can change over time. What you hope for may have to do with your health, but your hopes may also be about your other life goals and personal milestones.Rich and Cathy share the hope that when the treatments they’ve been trying are no longer working, there will be new drugs to try. “But I’m really thankful for all the blessings we’ve had in our family,” says Rich.

“I hope that whatever happens, people understand why I made whatever decisions I made,” says Laura. “And I hope somehow there’s a way to make it easier.” Steve hopes he’ll be able to face the end of his life still possessing “a degree of who I am now.”

Hope is personal; it can mean different things to different people.

Ask yourself:
What do I hope for today?
At this time I hope...
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